Friday, July 31, 2009

Money money money

No Swede could have missed the scandal surrounding Gotland's "landshövding" Marianne Samuelsson, who believes the rich and influential should most definitely be treated differently than the common man when it comes to building permits in protected areas, i.e. areas where you are normally not allowed to build anything. In other words, if you've got money and power, you'll be allowed to build a palace right on the beach, or inside a nature reserve. If you're not, forget it, you'll have to obey the law.

The funny thing is that she's still fully convinced there should not be equality for the law, and the only thing she regrets is that her views were caught on tape and ended up in the media.

And the real icing on the cake is the fact that Samuelsson used to be the spokesperson for Miljöpartiet, the Environmental Party, a political party fighting for the preservation of nature, not the exploitation of nature by rich and powerful people who stand above the law.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

U2, the treehuggers

U2 are quite the treehuggers, with lead singer Bono traveling around the world (mind you, that's not a very environmentally friendly habit in itself, but hey, tell that to fellow treehugger Al Gore) preaching about the dangers of global warming, planting trees, making sure he gets great publicity and appears genuinely concerned... long as it doesn't interfere with his band's megalomanic world tour, featuring a 390 ton stage the shape of a spider, and 150 tons of lightning equipment. The 44 date U2 tour will cause carbon emissions equal to 90.000 people flying from Dublin to London, or the waste created by 6500 average Brits, basically your average village, in an entire year. On the other hand, the tour is expected to give the band a net income of over 2,5 billion SEK, an average of 58 million SEK per concert.

So much for the environment, eh? I guess the general consensus is saving the environment is all good as long as you don't have have make any (economical) sacrifices yourself. I know, I feel the same way.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Satnav? Only with leather seats, my friend

I'm in the market for a new car, and I accidentally came across the facelifted Toyota RAV4. Browsing through the price list i noticed that satnav is only available as an option if you buy the business model with leather seats??? What is this, a joke? The skilled engineers at Toyota are unable to put a 17.900 SEK touchscreen on my dashboard and hook it up to a GPS receiver and DVD-player because I haven't paid 33.700 SEK for a styling package and those freakin' leather seats? What has one even remotely have to do with the other?

The useless memory card

You're in the market for a new medium format camera, and you're thinking it would be nice to go digital, not having to deal with the hassle of developing film. Perhaps you've even looked at the H3DII-39, at a "bargain" price of USD 30,995.00 (granted this kit includes an 80mm lens). Well, I did, and color me surprised when I had a look at the "what's in the box" list:

Hasselblad has decided to include a pityful 1 GB memory card - for a 39 megapixel medium format camera! I wonder how many pics I can fit on that card. 10? 20? You'd think the least they could do when selling a camera that costs the same as a decent family car was include a proper size memory card. Or just skip it alltogether. Seriously.

Ze Germans on vacation

You'd think this was a joke, but the German branch of travel agent Thomas Cook is actually offering advance booking of poolside sunbeds at nine hotels in Turkey, Egypt and the Canary Islands for a fee. This way the Germans won't have to get up a 5 am to reserve all sunbeds using their beach towels, and they can still annoy the heck out of the rest of us.
At least I know where not to go for my next vacation!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The list of shame

Forgot to add the list of movie corporations who are going to court against The Pirate Bay. Let's call it the list of shame, shall we:

  • Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
  • Disney Enterprises, Inc.
  • NBC Studios, Inc.
  • Paramount Pictures Corporation
  • Sony Pictures Television Inc.
  • Sony Pictures Classic Inc.
  • Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
  • Universal Studios Inc.
  • Universal City Studios Productions, LLLP
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  • WV Films LLC
  • WV Films III LLC
  • WV Films IV LLC
Rest assured I will never buy anything you criminal pieces of rubbish produce.

Oh the stupidity...

The American entertainment mafia industry is on a roll. Now they're summoning the guys behind The Pirate Bay to court again, this time apparently because the site is still fully operational, with links (being a key word here...) to torrents containing copyrighted material.

In line with their tradition they want the Swedish court to administer ridiculously high fines to the alleged crew behind the site (the fact that these guys claim they have no influence over the site anymore doesn't matter), if, and I quote, "their TV-series and movies are available for download (from The Pirate Bay)":

Bland annat Disney, Universal och Columbia Pictures vill att kraftiga böter ska
delas ut om deras tv-serier och filmer går att ladda ned.

Talk about shooting the messenger. These decadent, incredible retards have still not grasped the concept of the BitTorrent technology. No movies are available for downloading from, they're simply acting as a search engine, much like Google (oh no, did I just commit a crime?). And they're not the only ones severely technologically impaired:

Männen bakom The Pirate Bay har tidigare blivit stämda av fyra svenska
skivbolag, Universal, EMI, Sony och Warner.
Även de vill att Stockholms
tingsrätt ska bötesfälla de tre männen och Black Internet AB om företagens verk
går att ladda ned från sajten.

Oh, the stupidity...

I particularily enjoy the fact that they would like to fine The Pirate Bay's ISP! Going after the providers of infrastructure is brilliant, as it opens up a whole new world. Telia could be sued because their phone lines has been used to plan a crime. Vägvärket could get sued because their infrastructures, the roads, cause fatalities. The possibilities are endless, and grotesque.

I'll give them one thing though, the lawyer representing them, notorious gold-digger Monique Wadsted, is probably spot on when she says she's confident the court will rule in favour of herself and her clients:

Advokat Monique Wadsted tror att chanserna är mycket goda att tingsrätten kommer
gå på hennes och filmbolagens spår.

When the mafia entertainment industry says jump, the court jumps, no matter what the law says. They've demonstrated this on a number of occasions, completely undermining the justice system and the public's faith in it.

Contribute to stopping this madness. Stop bying DVD's and CD's. Stop going to the movies. Stop feeding this monster.

Easy come easy go

AAARGH!!! My Internet connection has been disrupted every once in a while the entire morning. And not for long either, say 20 seconds or so, just enough for my e-mail application to freeze for a while, my instant messenger to log out and the link I just clicked on to show the following page:

In other words, just enough for me to go completely mad. Of course I could just use my 3G card instead, but I've been stupid enough to think that every hiccup is the last one. Which, of course, it isn't. So I'm giving up and sacrificing speed for stability.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The fuel charge disease is spreading

I've previously written about the incredibly stupid concept of fuel surcharges, and about SAS' brilliant decision to increase their fuel surcharge at a time where the oil price has dropped 50%.

Now it seems the ferry companies are adopting this ridiculous practice. Polferries, for instance, are adding this mandatory charge of a whopping 8 percent of the ticket price on the Nynäshamn - Gdansk ferry.

I'm expecting this will soon spread to the taxi industry, and why not the public transportation?

Seriously, if you need to raise the ticket price, just do so without inventing these stupid, mandatory surcharges. As a customer all I really care about is the total price, not whether or not that includes a mandatory captain surcharge, staff surcharge, boarding surcharge, bathroom surcharge or fuel surcharge.

And no, I will definitely not be a "happy driver" after paying several thousand kronor just to get from Nynäshamn to Gdansk by boat. Driving through Denmark and Germany instead will be considerably cheaper, including one hotel night.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The BPI are "absolute bastards"

Not only the average Internet user gets totally pissed off by the music industry taking down a 30 second (!!!) clip of babies dancing to a Prince song (and at the same time suing the mother for millions of dollars, as is usual practice...), musicians themselves are also pissed of by these morons who are doing everything in their power to obstruct the free flow of creativity and culture, or in this case obstructing artist and songwriter Calvin Harris' worldwide promotion of his new video, "Ready for the weekend", on Youtube.

I'm glad Harris puts it in such harsh language, so I don't have to:

"IT'S MY FUCKING SONG YOU ABSOLUTE BASTARDS," he wrote. "It's the fucking BPI. FUCK YOU 'The BPI'. What have you ever done for
anybody you useless shower of cunts."

The answer would be, except ruining music, not much.

Apparently Harris' wrath worked miracles, so you can watch Ready for the weekend here.

Donald Duck enters the file sharing debate

I had to admit I thought the comic strip where Donald Duck is illegally downloading music was a joke, a product of a creative mind who had replaced the original, harmless text with his or her own.

Imagine my surprise when I realized this was in fact an official comic strip released by Egmont! These unscrupulous bastards may have come to the conclusion that it's too hard trying to change the minds of thinking adults, so they've started printing pure propaganda in childrens comics instead, trying to mold them into obedient consumers when they grow up. Mind-boggling, absolutely mind-boggling. Had it been even slightly funny, the propaganda a bit more subtle, they might have gotten away with it, but this is just ridiculous.

What's next? Hidden messages in Britney Spears songs? Subliminal pictures in Disney movies? Hey, for all we know it's already in there. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Have a look at the original propaganda cartoon to the left, and a "remix" done by some creative soul.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ben Franklin was way ahead of his time

Found the following quote by Benjamin Franklin on this blog (which, by the way is an excellent blogpost for those of you who read Swedish):

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty nor safety."

It's a classic, and never has this been more true than it is today, with obtrusive, oppressive "anti-terrorist" and "anti-piracy" laws stripping us of basic human rights and civil liberties all in the interest of "protecting the public" (as if any of us have asked for it...) and that greedy entertainment industry. "Hey, if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about", right?

Poor old Ben would twist and turn in his grave if he knew how humanity had degenerated in the 200 years or so after his death.

Evaluating oppression

Apparently an evaluation of the infamous Ipred law is under way. About bloody time you might say. But hold your horses, it will take an astonishing three (3!!!) years for it to be done. The politicians have bought themselves three years where they will have to do nothing about this judicial abonimation ("we can't do anything until the evaluation report is 2012"). Three years of repeated miscarriages of justice, of lives ruined, before coming to an obvious conclusion:

Threats and oppression work in the short term. If you put a gun to someone's head and tell them to do something, most likely they will do it. But is it the right thing to do? And shouldn't the government of a so-called democracy be protecting it's citizens rather than protecting the ancient business models of unscrupulous, multinational corporations at the expense of it's citizens?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to introduce a DDR regime

This is how the FRA act (or the Stasi act, as it would have been called in the good old DDR) was passed in Sweden. I highly doubt this exercise in terror and threats will have a positive impact for the Moderate Party, Moderaterna, in the 2010 elections, as Fredrik Reinfeldt seems to believe.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stupid behaviour in traffic

Speaking of traffic, what the hell is going on with Quentin Tarantino's crew? Following a visit to the Rigoletto movie theater in Stockholm one of his not so bright bodyguards decided to walk straight out into the middle of the road to stop the traffic, like he's some kind of traffic police or something, while Tarantino's limo driver just put the pedal to the metal without checking his mirrors or blind zone, and got hit by a bus. Apparently Mr. Tarantino had a plane to catch...

What a bunch of morons.

Here are two tips if you ever come to Stockholm again:

  1. Stay on the sidewalk, and use the pedestrian crossings to cross the road. Do not jump into traffic like a suicidal deer.
  2. If you're going to drive around in Stockholm, please do us all a favor and read up on basic traffic rules. You are supposed to give way when moving into traffic from a parked state!!!

Car + cell phone = instant death

Apparently using your cell phone while driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol, and according to public campaigns that would mean instant death. You'd think using a hands-free set would make it safer, right? Wrong. According to the study referred to in the NY Times, it's the multitasking that causes a fatal distraction.

So, whether you're fiddling with your phone, fiddling with something else, or just having a conversation with one of your passengers, you're exposing yourself and fellow motorists to grave danger, equivalent to the risk of drunk driving!

Now, is it just me or does this study completely trivialize drunk driving? I mean, when was the last time you were driving a car and not multitasking, either by talking to someone, listening to the radio, doing your makeup, looking at the scenery or having a coffee? When did you ever focus 100% percent on the driving, unless you were participating in the Monaco Grand Prix? Exactly.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sonisphere 2009

I went to Hultsfred this weekend, to the Sonisphere festival to see Metallica. Free tickets, of course, as I refuse to endorse the entertainment industry in any way these days. The show was brilliant, these guys are real entertainers to the bone.

But as always, there are annoyances. The banning of SLR cameras on the festival grounds is one ("What? You want to take a decent photo of your buddies? No way, you might accidentally get a good shot of our performers on stage and we wouldn't want that!"), but I won't go into details on that now, since that's a general issue and not specific to the Sonisphere festival.

Trying to get out of the parking lot after the show proved to be a real nightmare, as the logistics failed miserably. There were no parking attendees there at the time the festival ended, so martial law ruled the parking with complete and utter chaos as a result. My wife and I spent an hour waiting for the traffic to move more than a couple of meters (which is not what you want to be doing at 3am when you've got a couple of hours drive ahead of you!), before we got sick and tired of it and found our own way out, one that required an SUV, which - luckily - we've got. Had we not done that I suspect we would have had to do some involuntary camping on the parking grounds that night...

So, Sonisphere, next year I expect you to give people value for the 100 SEK they spend on the parking and make sure you've got staff on site at the end of the festival helping to make the process of emptying the parking a bit smoother.

UPDATE: Found this blog post with lots of footage from the show.

How the movie industry makes its money

Ever wonder what the American movie industry is up to when it's not busy defending dying business models suing grandfathers and paying off hackers to steal private e-mails? Check this out: They're screwing copyright owners and movie actors with trick accounting ("Surplus? What surplus? Lord of the Rings didn't make any money - due to piracy, of course - so we can't pay you, sorry") to withhold payments, thus maximizing their own profit. This kind of trickery even has a very descriptive name: Hollywood accounting.

Is there anything the American movie industry does at this point that is not completely destructive and despicable? Including making criminally bad movies?

And need I remind you why you should not give this criminal questionable industry your hard earned money?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Construction workers

Why is it that construction workers feel they need to start work earlier than most people even plan to get up in the morning? Of course I wouldn't have a problem with it had they been working in a quiet office environment and not bothering other people, but these bastards fire up their heavy machinery, get out their hammers and saws, and make a racket out of this world - at bloody 6 am!!! Who the hell is at work at 6 am anyway?

I am so tempted to follow some of these freaks home and keep them up all night making noise outside their bedroom window. Let's see how they'd like that. Punks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Darwinism at work

The new hip trend in Sweden seems to be "surfing" on the roof of a moving car (I know, it just sounds too dumb to be real, but it appears it is in fact true), quite often with serious injury or death as a result. What we're seeing here is a prime example of Darwinism at work, effectively weeding out the less intelligent, allowing mankind to evolve.

In fact, these guys should be honored with the Darwin Award for their commitment.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Retarded journalism published an article today about artist Ayesha Quraishi, who has just filed for bankruptcy. Sad news, of course, but what impresses me is the author's bold statement that "The Pirate Bay - and Skatteverket (the Swedish equivalent to the IRS) broke Ayesha Quraishi's record label":

Pirate Bay – och Skatteverket knäckte Ayesha Quraishis skivbolag.

Say what??? Are you sure The Pirate Bay isn't in fact responsible for the entire financial crisis, for the Iraqi war, and for the polar caps melting?

Of course, the journalist - being the pro he is - has done extensive research:

Efter första cd-skivan Jade Fever 2004 gav hon ut uppföljaren The Lobby på egna bolaget Aqueen Enterpisez för två år sedan. Men skivan var snabbt uppladdad på Pirate Bay.

Ah, yes of course. Someone placed a tracker to her album on The Pirate Bay. Oh dear. Nevermind the experts and artists claiming file sharing gives little known artists a boost and is good for the economy, they're just full of it anyway.

Just for the heck of it, I did a quick search, and sure enough, I found both her albums, however there were no seeders, meaning no one is sharing it:

So, the journalist is assuming that because there's a link to an album on The Pirate Bay, even though no one is sharing it, no one will buy the CD either, and the artist will instantaneously be thrown into bankruptcy. Sounds like someone has been spending too much time with fat, lying record label execs, or just smoking too much pot.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you, SAS

Got this e-mail from SAS earlier today, informing me that they will start adding their ridiculous "fuel fee" on their frequent flyer bonus flights as well, so these won't be free (well, except government taxes) anymore.

First of all, what the heck is this fuel fee anyway? I mean, the plane fuel is an essential part of any flight taking place, it's not really an option. Why don't they introduce a pilot fee as well, or a cabin crew fee, while they're at it? It's not like we can deselect either of these when we book our flights?

Second, when this fuel fee was introduced last year the oil price was double what it is now, and it skyrocketed in just a couple of months prior to introducing the fee. There should be no need for any extra fuel fees at this point.

I appreciate that SAS are in a tough spot at the moment, but if you need to increase those ticket prices, just do so without blaming the fuel prices and introducing Ryanair style fees. That is just annoying.

Remember Sid Meyer's Civilization?

I remember spending hours, days, weeks and probably months in front of my PC as a kid playing the classic Civilization computer game. It was a milestone in strategy games, and its turn-based approach was a heck of a lot more laid back than the stressful, modern "everything happens at once, so you've got to keep an eye on the enemy coming from the east, while fighting another enemy that has invaded your city, and at the same time making sure your little settlement on the North Pole has enough food"-concept.

Anyway, I just discovered that there's actually a free, open source version of the game being developed! This means, of course, that it's available for Linux and Mac as well as Windows. Brilliant stuff. Check out Freeciv, "'cause civilization should be free" :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My HTC is killing me

Yes, I've had problems with my HTC before, but I managed to solve those. Now a new and interesting problem has arisen... The phone simply refuses to make itself known to my computers when I plug it in using the USB cable. Yup, that's right. It is fully aware that it has connected to a computer, starts charging the battery and everything, but I'll be damned if it shows up as a device on my computer.

I suspected it might be the computer, so I tried it on another one. Nope. Tried it on yet another, but no - no luck.

Seriously, this piece of s*it is driving me insane. I need a new phone, the sooner the better.

Ipredator going live

Good news. Swedish newspapers DN and SvD, as well as frontman Peter Sunde himself, report that the anonymity VPN-service Ipredator is in it's final beta stage and could be going live any day now.

Of course, in an ideal world Internet users wouldn't need such a service, but in a world where our civil liberties are constantly under fire by repressive governments and private interest groups, it's a necessity.

Update: According to police lawyer Fredrik Ingblad Ipredator will only make it a bit more difficult, but not at all impossible, to track down users of file sharing services. Of course he refuses to give any examples of how this would be done...

The VPN-solution I use at work, or rather when I'm not at the office but want to access the company network, encrypts the traffic from my client and to the VPN-server, and the only visible IP-adress is the one of the VPN-server. I'm assuming Ipredator is working more or less the same (except, obviously, my company keeps logs of what I'm doing when I'm using their VPN service), so I would like to know which rules Mr. Ingblad and his comrades intend to break in order to get past this. Install spyware on every Swedish citizen's computer (would be all the more reasons to switch to Linux)? Either way I'm sure they could get plenty of good advice from sleazeball extraordinaire Henrik Pontén and Antipiratbyrån on this.

Mac vs PC - the battle continues

Microsoft takes another sting at Apple with a new Laptop Hunters commercial, bashing the Macbooks for being to expensive and not having a large enough screen. I have to say I completely agree with Microsoft on that one. However, the solution, if you want cheap, safe and fully functional, is hardly a PC laptop with Microsoft Windows installed.

Instead, surf to and download the latest version of this Linux based OS (there's even a Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix available for those low-spec'd netbooks). The Ubuntu packages is exceptionally easy to install, and it includes the Mozilla Firefox browser, a mail- and calendar client, OpenOffice (as opposed to paying 995 SEK for the Microsoft Office 2007 home and student version, that does absolutely nothing more...), and Gimp for retouching those digital photos (instead of buying Adobe Photoshop Elements, which will set you back another 1095 SEK). The package also includes various media players and other stuff. Plus, you won't have to worry about computer viruses, trojans and other malware anymore.

It's all there, ready to use out of the box - no annoying activation and registration process, and it's for free.

Linux FTW!

P.S. There's even a Ubuntu version for Mac, so if you do go ahead and buy that overpriced piece of white plastic anyway, you can still keep your software costs down...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The redundancy of man

Great, now scientists are able to create sperm from the stem cells of male embryos, making men a completely unnecessary part of the procreation process - at least in the traditional and fun way. Way to make me feel useless and obsolete.

Why don't you do something useful, like finding a cure for cancer or something?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The boycott continues

Nice to see that I'm not the only one boycotting a mafia industry that will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, to squeeze as much money as possible out of people's pockets before they crawl under a rock and die. It actually seems to have an effect! The sooner it happens, the better.

Don't feed the monster!


Why is it that a freakin' fly or bee, or any other winged insect for that matter, has no problems whatsoever navigating, in the middle of night, through the vast nature outside and right into the little crack in my window, but is completely unable to find it's way out again, driving me to insanity as I have to get up at 5 am, find a newspaper, roll it up, and use it to end this insect's miserable life, before I can get back into bed and try to get to sleep again. Aaaaargh.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bloody disposable grills

What's up with those damn disposable barbecue grills these days? Granted, they've never been good for much more than warming a hot dog, but at least it used to be possible to actually set the coal on fire. Well, not anymore it isn't. These days the quality of these stupid, little 10 kronor grills from Statoil, Ica or Willys is so far below par that you end up huffing and puffing for half an hour trying to get some sort of heat out of that coal, after using up all your matches trying to set it on fire. That is, unless you've got the foresight to go and pick up some lighter fuel before heading out on the beach with that bloody little grill (which of course you never have).

Anyway, I got sick and tired of working so hard just to be able to heat up a hot dog or two, so I gave up and bought a proper, portable barbecue grill instead, the Weber Smokey Joe. Brilliant little thing, I'm in love with it already. And, as opposed to the disposable shit, this baby can actually take on pretty much any kind of meat.

So no more disposable grills on me. And contributing to saving the environment is just a bonus.

Newspapers - look at the entertainment industry!

In case you didn't know, newspapers around the world are having a pretty tough time. Some are going bankrupt, others are desperately trying to change their business model and offer a paid online subscription, or simply offer their news for free (well, not entirely, you still have to look at a lot of ads...), like most Scandinavian newspapers.

In times like this, instead of doing that painful transition into an online economy, you'd think the newspaper industry would look at what the entertainment industry is doing: Lobbying for laws banning websites that distribute any kind of news, giving newspaper employees a carte blanche to track down any perpetrators within the privacy of their own homes, suing their readers for not subscribing to the paper copy of the newspaper, and generally just refuse to give their customers what they want.

Why should the entertainment industry have monopoly on such outrageous and destructive behavior, when it can be applied to virtually any business these days?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Speaking of Mona Sahlin

Now that I'm at it, I couldn't help but notice Mona Sahlin's response to the following question during a net meeting at

Rasmus Nordin säger: Hej Mona, Jag undrar lite om hur nu ställer er till FRA-lagen? För jag tror att ni får VÄLDIGT många fler röster om ni går ut med att den ska bort?
Mona Sahlin säger: Hej Rasmus! Det har vi rödgröna redan sagt. Vinner vi valet river vi upp FRA-lagen.

Sounds like a straight answer, for once. Unfortunately it's a deceiving one. Sahlin seems to already have "forgotten" (wow, I'm beginning to see a pattern here...) that she is all for mass surveillance of the Swedish people, and that the current FRA law will simply be replaced by another one should she get in position:

Att de lovar att tillsätta en "bred parlamentarisk utredning". Men både Sahlin och Wetterstrand påpekar att Sverige behöver signalspaning och en fungerande underrättelsetjänst, något deras partiföreträdare i den heta FRA-debatten knappast skyltat med.
Så i praktiken handlar det om en FRA-lag "light".

In other words, never trust a politician.

Let (s)he who is without sin...

Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen has revealed a political "scandal": One of Piratpartiet's members, Henrik Alexandersson, worked as a cameraman shooting porn for a couple of months back in the 1990's. Oh my God, he was a cameraman - whatever should we do?

Of course, members from the more established parties take the opportunity to score some cheap points by crying out their outrage. Seeing Mona Sahlin standing first in line and saying that she "feels disgust" makes me think of the biblical "let he (or in this case she) who is without sin cast the first stone" incident. Not often has it been more appropriate.

So, in the 1990's, Henrik Alexandersson - far from being a full-time politician - worked briefly in a line of business frowned upon by most. He blew the whistle on this business after discovering unsettling conditions. He did an ethical choice. Mona Sahlin, on the other hand, was at this time a full-time politician, and busy stealing taxpayer's money (as if her salary wasn't enough!) - 53 174 SEK, to be exact, after which she took off on a family vacation to Mauritius, sponsored by - you guessed it - the taxpayers. She was also busy hiring black labour to take care of her children (1990), "forgetting" to pay her public service fee (1993), and "forgetting" to pay her parking tickets -98 in total (1998). Oh yeah, and it continues all the way into this millennium: In 2000 she "forgot" to pay 30.000 SEK in tax arrears, and in 2001 she "forgot" to pay her bills, including the annual car tax. To mention a few.

Sometimes it's just best to keep your mouth shut and stop pointing your finger at others.