Friday, July 24, 2009

The BPI are "absolute bastards"

Not only the average Internet user gets totally pissed off by the music industry taking down a 30 second (!!!) clip of babies dancing to a Prince song (and at the same time suing the mother for millions of dollars, as is usual practice...), musicians themselves are also pissed of by these morons who are doing everything in their power to obstruct the free flow of creativity and culture, or in this case obstructing artist and songwriter Calvin Harris' worldwide promotion of his new video, "Ready for the weekend", on Youtube.

I'm glad Harris puts it in such harsh language, so I don't have to:

"IT'S MY FUCKING SONG YOU ABSOLUTE BASTARDS," he wrote. "It's the fucking BPI. FUCK YOU 'The BPI'. What have you ever done for
anybody you useless shower of cunts."

The answer would be, except ruining music, not much.

Apparently Harris' wrath worked miracles, so you can watch Ready for the weekend here.

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