Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh the stupidity...

The American entertainment mafia industry is on a roll. Now they're summoning the guys behind The Pirate Bay to court again, this time apparently because the site is still fully operational, with links (being a key word here...) to torrents containing copyrighted material.

In line with their tradition they want the Swedish court to administer ridiculously high fines to the alleged crew behind the site (the fact that these guys claim they have no influence over the site anymore doesn't matter), if, and I quote, "their TV-series and movies are available for download (from The Pirate Bay)":

Bland annat Disney, Universal och Columbia Pictures vill att kraftiga böter ska
delas ut om deras tv-serier och filmer går att ladda ned.

Talk about shooting the messenger. These decadent, incredible retards have still not grasped the concept of the BitTorrent technology. No movies are available for downloading from thepiratebay.org, they're simply acting as a search engine, much like Google (oh no, did I just commit a crime?). And they're not the only ones severely technologically impaired:

Männen bakom The Pirate Bay har tidigare blivit stämda av fyra svenska
skivbolag, Universal, EMI, Sony och Warner.
Även de vill att Stockholms
tingsrätt ska bötesfälla de tre männen och Black Internet AB om företagens verk
går att ladda ned från sajten.

Oh, the stupidity...

I particularily enjoy the fact that they would like to fine The Pirate Bay's ISP! Going after the providers of infrastructure is brilliant, as it opens up a whole new world. Telia could be sued because their phone lines has been used to plan a crime. Vägvärket could get sued because their infrastructures, the roads, cause fatalities. The possibilities are endless, and grotesque.

I'll give them one thing though, the lawyer representing them, notorious gold-digger Monique Wadsted, is probably spot on when she says she's confident the court will rule in favour of herself and her clients:

Advokat Monique Wadsted tror att chanserna är mycket goda att tingsrätten kommer
gå på hennes och filmbolagens spår.

When the mafia entertainment industry says jump, the court jumps, no matter what the law says. They've demonstrated this on a number of occasions, completely undermining the justice system and the public's faith in it.

Contribute to stopping this madness. Stop bying DVD's and CD's. Stop going to the movies. Stop feeding this monster.

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