Friday, May 1, 2009

HTC Diamond

Recently I've been spending more and more time resetting my HTC Diamond to its factory settings. I'm up to twice a week now, and I've just about had enough.

For some yet unknown reason the phone will suddenly just decide to drop all data connectivity - no WAP, no GPRS, no HSDPA, no bluetooth, no WiFi, you name it... This so called "smart phone", with all its fancy schmancy ways of connecting with the world, can do nothing more than sending and receiving text messages, and - thank god - make and receive calls. Now, if that was all I wanted I would have gotten this phone instead, so I keep resetting the Diamond, as it seems to be the only thing that will give me at least temporary relief - for a couple of hours, a day, or maybe a couple of days if I'm lucky.

Oh, and the process of doing a hard reset of the phone is probably the most ridiculous ever. If anything it should have been a yoga pose: "Press the volume up key, located at the top left and on the side of the phone, and the enter key, at the bottom of the phone, while at the same time trying to find the tiny reset button with the stylus pen." I appreciate that people don't want to reset their phones by mistake, but come on, seriously... So, ladies and gentlement, I bring you my new yoga pose, "The Diamond" (see picture above). Come on you little bastard! Reset already! Give me my connectivity back! Hmm...doesn't seem to bring much serenity.

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