Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sonisphere 2009

I went to Hultsfred this weekend, to the Sonisphere festival to see Metallica. Free tickets, of course, as I refuse to endorse the entertainment industry in any way these days. The show was brilliant, these guys are real entertainers to the bone.

But as always, there are annoyances. The banning of SLR cameras on the festival grounds is one ("What? You want to take a decent photo of your buddies? No way, you might accidentally get a good shot of our performers on stage and we wouldn't want that!"), but I won't go into details on that now, since that's a general issue and not specific to the Sonisphere festival.

Trying to get out of the parking lot after the show proved to be a real nightmare, as the logistics failed miserably. There were no parking attendees there at the time the festival ended, so martial law ruled the parking with complete and utter chaos as a result. My wife and I spent an hour waiting for the traffic to move more than a couple of meters (which is not what you want to be doing at 3am when you've got a couple of hours drive ahead of you!), before we got sick and tired of it and found our own way out, one that required an SUV, which - luckily - we've got. Had we not done that I suspect we would have had to do some involuntary camping on the parking grounds that night...

So, Sonisphere, next year I expect you to give people value for the 100 SEK they spend on the parking and make sure you've got staff on site at the end of the festival helping to make the process of emptying the parking a bit smoother.

UPDATE: Found this blog post with lots of footage from the show.

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