Monday, December 28, 2009

The joys of modern aviation

A retard terrorist wannabe gets to board a plane with his undies full of explosives. Meanwhile my bottle of water is getting confiscated by the airport security, because clearly it poses a lethal threat.

Ah, the joys of modern aviation.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Limo madness

The Swedish taxpayers paid 3,5 million kronor to transport the fat, lazy delegates to the EU European Development Days 2009 in Stockholm in limos to and from the airport.

Unfortunately that's just pocket change compared to the costs of closing down E4 repeatedly during those days just so these overpaid bastards could get their fat asses to the conference without any interference from other traffic. Way to throw taxpayers money out the window and annoy the hell out of them.

My personal favorite was the Stockholm police refusing to let motorists know exactly at what time they would close E4, "for security reasons". More like "for annoyance reasons" if you ask me. How could knowing the closure time and therefore avoiding complete chaos be a threat to security? If I wanted to blow up one of these pompous bastards I wouldn't abandon the plan just because I didn't get the exact time for when this stupid idiot would show up in his limo, would I?

My God, the stupidity...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Plotting new evil

The "axis of evil" are gathered in the White House and plotting new evil in collaboration with the US government. What kind of insanity can we expect as an outcome of this meeting? More censorship? More oppressive legislation? More "guilty until proven innocent"?

Among those expected are Sony's Michael Lynton, Warner Bros.' Barry Meyer, Viacom's Philippe Dauman, NBC Universal's Jeffrey Zucker, Warner Music Group's Edgar Bronfman, Harper Collins CEO Brian Murray, Universal Music Group's Zachary Horowitz, the MPAA's Dan Glickman, the RIAA's Mitch Bainwol, IATSE's international president Matthew Leob, AFTRA'S Kim Roberts Hedgepeth, DGA president Taylor Hackford, DGA exec director Jay Roth and SAG's David White.

Yup, the whole "family" is here, ready to take on new acts of extortion, threats, bullying and corruption. In more civilized countries these bullies are actually convicted for their crime instead of given a carte blanche by the government to do whatever they want. Well, I guess if they refuse to give the "family" this carte blanche at this point they'll each receive a friendly reminder in the middle of the night, consisting of a severed horse head or something.

And why does it come as no surprise that there's no-one from the consumer and human rights side present at this meeting? Goddamn criminals the lot of them.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Damn choos!

My wife insisted to buy me a pair of Jimmy Choo by H&M shoes, and while I tried to resist I lost the fight and she ordered them on the Internet. So the first pair of shoes arrived a couple of days ago. The first impression was good, except the very notable smell of glue, they fitted nicely, but I soon noticed that the leather that was glued to the sole (I have to say I'm wondering how long these shoes are meant to last anyway if they're only glued to the sole...) was wrinkled at one point on one of the shoes. Back they went.

The next pair arrived today, they too reeked of glue, but imagine my surprise when I felt the leather and noticed several really rough patches, in addition to several visible wrinkles, like they had been worn for quite a few weeks (which they hadn't, they looked absolutely mint except for the irregularities in the skin). It basically looked like the skin from a very old, wrinkly cow with a rash. Not very nice, and obviously they're going back as well.

Now the question is how many times are we supposed to try before forgetting about it and finding some other shoes in some other store? How poor of a QA process does H&M really have, and how badly does this impact the Jimmy Choo brand? After this experience I'll always think of Jimmy Choo shoes as poor quality and overpriced. Unfair, perhaps, but this cooperation with H&M hasn't proven to be great PR for the Jimmy Choo brand.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Restrictions, restrictions...

Politicians never get tired of trying to restrict people's freedom, in any way possible. The latest, and probably least serious although extremely annoying, pointless and unnecessary is banning smokeless tobacco, snus, for council workers during working hours. This has been introduced by a number of municipalities in Sweden lately.

I'm struggling to understand how these municipalities are justifying this completely pointless invasion of people's personal life.

  • Snus doesn't make workers less productive, as they are able to continue working while using it. Also, the users' mental state isn't altered in any way that could possibly affect work.
  • Snus doesn't bother any third parties, unless looking at a person with a snus under his or her lip bothers you (in which case you should have your head examined).
  • Snus is a legal substance.

What will be next? Banning coffee during work? Banning looking through the window during work? You can't just go and ban something because you don't like it. Stupid, ignorant bastards.