Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stupid behaviour in traffic

Speaking of traffic, what the hell is going on with Quentin Tarantino's crew? Following a visit to the Rigoletto movie theater in Stockholm one of his not so bright bodyguards decided to walk straight out into the middle of the road to stop the traffic, like he's some kind of traffic police or something, while Tarantino's limo driver just put the pedal to the metal without checking his mirrors or blind zone, and got hit by a bus. Apparently Mr. Tarantino had a plane to catch...

What a bunch of morons.

Here are two tips if you ever come to Stockholm again:

  1. Stay on the sidewalk, and use the pedestrian crossings to cross the road. Do not jump into traffic like a suicidal deer.
  2. If you're going to drive around in Stockholm, please do us all a favor and read up on basic traffic rules. You are supposed to give way when moving into traffic from a parked state!!!

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