Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The useless memory card

You're in the market for a new medium format camera, and you're thinking it would be nice to go digital, not having to deal with the hassle of developing film. Perhaps you've even looked at the H3DII-39, at a "bargain" price of USD 30,995.00 (granted this kit includes an 80mm lens). Well, I did, and color me surprised when I had a look at the "what's in the box" list:

Hasselblad has decided to include a pityful 1 GB memory card - for a 39 megapixel medium format camera! I wonder how many pics I can fit on that card. 10? 20? You'd think the least they could do when selling a camera that costs the same as a decent family car was include a proper size memory card. Or just skip it alltogether. Seriously.

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