Monday, July 13, 2009

Retarded journalism published an article today about artist Ayesha Quraishi, who has just filed for bankruptcy. Sad news, of course, but what impresses me is the author's bold statement that "The Pirate Bay - and Skatteverket (the Swedish equivalent to the IRS) broke Ayesha Quraishi's record label":

Pirate Bay – och Skatteverket knäckte Ayesha Quraishis skivbolag.

Say what??? Are you sure The Pirate Bay isn't in fact responsible for the entire financial crisis, for the Iraqi war, and for the polar caps melting?

Of course, the journalist - being the pro he is - has done extensive research:

Efter första cd-skivan Jade Fever 2004 gav hon ut uppföljaren The Lobby på egna bolaget Aqueen Enterpisez för två år sedan. Men skivan var snabbt uppladdad på Pirate Bay.

Ah, yes of course. Someone placed a tracker to her album on The Pirate Bay. Oh dear. Nevermind the experts and artists claiming file sharing gives little known artists a boost and is good for the economy, they're just full of it anyway.

Just for the heck of it, I did a quick search, and sure enough, I found both her albums, however there were no seeders, meaning no one is sharing it:

So, the journalist is assuming that because there's a link to an album on The Pirate Bay, even though no one is sharing it, no one will buy the CD either, and the artist will instantaneously be thrown into bankruptcy. Sounds like someone has been spending too much time with fat, lying record label execs, or just smoking too much pot.

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