Thursday, July 30, 2009

U2, the treehuggers

U2 are quite the treehuggers, with lead singer Bono traveling around the world (mind you, that's not a very environmentally friendly habit in itself, but hey, tell that to fellow treehugger Al Gore) preaching about the dangers of global warming, planting trees, making sure he gets great publicity and appears genuinely concerned... long as it doesn't interfere with his band's megalomanic world tour, featuring a 390 ton stage the shape of a spider, and 150 tons of lightning equipment. The 44 date U2 tour will cause carbon emissions equal to 90.000 people flying from Dublin to London, or the waste created by 6500 average Brits, basically your average village, in an entire year. On the other hand, the tour is expected to give the band a net income of over 2,5 billion SEK, an average of 58 million SEK per concert.

So much for the environment, eh? I guess the general consensus is saving the environment is all good as long as you don't have have make any (economical) sacrifices yourself. I know, I feel the same way.

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