Monday, July 6, 2009

Newspapers - look at the entertainment industry!

In case you didn't know, newspapers around the world are having a pretty tough time. Some are going bankrupt, others are desperately trying to change their business model and offer a paid online subscription, or simply offer their news for free (well, not entirely, you still have to look at a lot of ads...), like most Scandinavian newspapers.

In times like this, instead of doing that painful transition into an online economy, you'd think the newspaper industry would look at what the entertainment industry is doing: Lobbying for laws banning websites that distribute any kind of news, giving newspaper employees a carte blanche to track down any perpetrators within the privacy of their own homes, suing their readers for not subscribing to the paper copy of the newspaper, and generally just refuse to give their customers what they want.

Why should the entertainment industry have monopoly on such outrageous and destructive behavior, when it can be applied to virtually any business these days?

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