Monday, July 27, 2009

The fuel charge disease is spreading

I've previously written about the incredibly stupid concept of fuel surcharges, and about SAS' brilliant decision to increase their fuel surcharge at a time where the oil price has dropped 50%.

Now it seems the ferry companies are adopting this ridiculous practice. Polferries, for instance, are adding this mandatory charge of a whopping 8 percent of the ticket price on the Nynäshamn - Gdansk ferry.

I'm expecting this will soon spread to the taxi industry, and why not the public transportation?

Seriously, if you need to raise the ticket price, just do so without inventing these stupid, mandatory surcharges. As a customer all I really care about is the total price, not whether or not that includes a mandatory captain surcharge, staff surcharge, boarding surcharge, bathroom surcharge or fuel surcharge.

And no, I will definitely not be a "happy driver" after paying several thousand kronor just to get from Nynäshamn to Gdansk by boat. Driving through Denmark and Germany instead will be considerably cheaper, including one hotel night.

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