Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you, SAS

Got this e-mail from SAS earlier today, informing me that they will start adding their ridiculous "fuel fee" on their frequent flyer bonus flights as well, so these won't be free (well, except government taxes) anymore.

First of all, what the heck is this fuel fee anyway? I mean, the plane fuel is an essential part of any flight taking place, it's not really an option. Why don't they introduce a pilot fee as well, or a cabin crew fee, while they're at it? It's not like we can deselect either of these when we book our flights?

Second, when this fuel fee was introduced last year the oil price was double what it is now, and it skyrocketed in just a couple of months prior to introducing the fee. There should be no need for any extra fuel fees at this point.

I appreciate that SAS are in a tough spot at the moment, but if you need to increase those ticket prices, just do so without blaming the fuel prices and introducing Ryanair style fees. That is just annoying.

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