Friday, July 24, 2009

Donald Duck enters the file sharing debate

I had to admit I thought the comic strip where Donald Duck is illegally downloading music was a joke, a product of a creative mind who had replaced the original, harmless text with his or her own.

Imagine my surprise when I realized this was in fact an official comic strip released by Egmont! These unscrupulous bastards may have come to the conclusion that it's too hard trying to change the minds of thinking adults, so they've started printing pure propaganda in childrens comics instead, trying to mold them into obedient consumers when they grow up. Mind-boggling, absolutely mind-boggling. Had it been even slightly funny, the propaganda a bit more subtle, they might have gotten away with it, but this is just ridiculous.

What's next? Hidden messages in Britney Spears songs? Subliminal pictures in Disney movies? Hey, for all we know it's already in there. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Have a look at the original propaganda cartoon to the left, and a "remix" done by some creative soul.

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