Monday, July 6, 2009

Bloody disposable grills

What's up with those damn disposable barbecue grills these days? Granted, they've never been good for much more than warming a hot dog, but at least it used to be possible to actually set the coal on fire. Well, not anymore it isn't. These days the quality of these stupid, little 10 kronor grills from Statoil, Ica or Willys is so far below par that you end up huffing and puffing for half an hour trying to get some sort of heat out of that coal, after using up all your matches trying to set it on fire. That is, unless you've got the foresight to go and pick up some lighter fuel before heading out on the beach with that bloody little grill (which of course you never have).

Anyway, I got sick and tired of working so hard just to be able to heat up a hot dog or two, so I gave up and bought a proper, portable barbecue grill instead, the Weber Smokey Joe. Brilliant little thing, I'm in love with it already. And, as opposed to the disposable shit, this baby can actually take on pretty much any kind of meat.

So no more disposable grills on me. And contributing to saving the environment is just a bonus.

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