Thursday, May 14, 2009

University of Uppsala adopts the Hadopi law

The University of Uppsala has adopted what may quite possibly be the single most ridiculous law ever to be passed by a senate, the Hadopi law, even though this law has yet to be implemented in Sweden. The university is acting as both judge and jury when it terminates the internet connection for its students based on allegations from the entertainment industry.

So much for the legal protection of the students...

I wonder what would happen if these "legal principles" were applied on other parts of the society:

"So, Mr. Svensson, your neighbour has reported that you've been writing her naughty letters, which she doesn't appreciate. Of course you know this means we will terminate your access to pen and paper for a year. No, we don't care that you need to sign your bills or do your tax return, and no, you can most certainly not get a fair trial in court. What do you think this is, a freakin' democracy or something?".

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