Thursday, May 7, 2009

Centerpartiet - the new Piratpartiet?

I've written about opportunistic politicians before, who change views and opinions as often as they change their underwear (and that's not to say they are particularly smelly!).

The last in line is Centerpartiet, a political party that has lost all credibility, recently having voted for the FRA surveillance law, and the Ipred "private police law".

With Piratpartiet, the pirate party, flying past them in the latest polls, Centerpartiet appears struck by panic, and has suddenly adopted Piratpartiets views in these questions, more or less to the letter, all in order to win back votes:

I ett yttrande till partistämman i Örebro skriver partistyrelsen att upphovsrätten är i stort behov av en omfattande översyn. I försöken att stävja den illegala fildelningen har "skyddet av upphovsrätten generellt sett värderats för högt i förhållande till skyddet av den personliga integriteten", skriver partistyrelsen.

In other words: "We mean exactly the same as Piratpartiet. Please believe us, and please forget the fact that we've voted for these misanthropic laws, we didn't mean to". Sounds credible.

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