Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angels and annoyances

I went to the movies yesterday, to watch the premiere of Angels and Demons, based on the book by Dan Brown. Free tickets of course (as I'm on my third year of a total entertainment industry boycott, my "don't feed the monster" campaign). Before the movie started the audience was informed that the distributor, Walt Disney, had ordered the following:

  • There were to be absolutely no use of cell phones or other equipment with any possibilities to record any parts of the movie.
  • If a cell phone, or any kind of illuminated LCD display for that matter, was observed by one of the security guards patrolling the auditorium (what is this, a penitentiary???), the movie would be stopped immediately, and the device would be confiscated.
This brings up a few questions:
  • What kind of police authority does Walt Disney think a cinema security guard has, to confiscate other people's property with no proof whatsoever that a criminal act has taken place? Nevermind, I forgot about the Ipred for a while...
  • More importantly though: How do those morons over at Walt Disney think the public reacts to being treated like criminals when they go (and actually pay) to see a movie? Does this encourage the audience to come back and pay to take more abuse?
  • Oh, and do these paranoid bastards really think, even in their wildest imagination, that a cell phone recording, grainy, 320x250 resolution and inaudible sound, of Angels and Demons will be any kind of substitute for the high quality cinema version? Of course not, it wouldn't even be watchable. I'm gonna wait for the high quality, region free, decrypted DVD rip myself. If I can be bothered to download it.
And as for the movie itself, it was ok.

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