Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tricky Dick

Swedish writer Dick Harrison has probably done more to hurt his own career lately than any pirate could. This cartoon character has made a complete ass of himself while debating the Pirate Bay verdict and other piracy questions on national TV, demonstrating both a lack of knowledge and a lack of manners. He has openly applauded the highly questionable and ridiculously harsh Pirate Bay trial verdict, claiming that he would have loved to see an even harsher sentence (...). Not only that, but the Dick is also highly in favor of the Ipred law, a revolting piece of work designed to protect the profit of the entertainment industry at the sacrifice of personal integrity and privacy.

Following all the ill-informed nonsense and ridiculous TV-appearences, Mr. Harrison appears to have become a victim of harassment, brought to our attention in this article by his charming fiancee, Katarina Lindberg. Seeing as Dick Harrison is no stranger to harassing people himself, it's tempting to say that what goes around comes around. Bad karma and all that.

Still, frustrated pirates, or local loonies, whoever it might be, should not stoop to his level like this. There are better ways to fight the insanity of Tricky Dick and others. Informed argumentation worked remarkably well on TV, for instance. Keep going down that path.

I will refrain from commenting on Katarina Lindberghs rant about threats and freedom of speech, as I guess everyone can see the obvious irony in them. However, I found this little piece of text a bit amusing:
Vi skall bemöta våra motståndares åsikter med argument, men inte kränka dem som människor. Om det finns människor som vill argumentera för att det skall vara okej att sno andras grejer, visst sätt igång att slipa argumenten, för ni har ett tufft jobb framför er.

Right. So Lindbergh want's to fight her opposition with good arguments (clearly her fiancee doesn't agree with her on that one), and in the very same sentence she accuses people having different opinions about copyright laws for promoting theft? Very smooth, Lindbergh. Very, smooth.

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