Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trustworthy internet providers

I've mentioned the Ipred law before, and I will probably mention it again. Plus, everyone in Sweden should know what it is by now: A law that turns the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" upside down, placing the burden of evidence on the defendant, and at the same time allows corporations to act as police, gathering information and starting a judicial process without the defendant knowing it.

But believe it or not, there are some positive stories emerging even in these dark medieval times. Various internet providers have recently made a point out of securing their customer's privacy, by deleting ip logs and such, as they believe the Ipred law conflicts with existing privacy laws, and that these privacy laws are more important. Of course they are. Anyway, the internet providers who support their customer's right to privacy are the following:
Please support these providers by taking your business to them, or at least put some pressure on your current provider. God knows they need it! ComHem, for instance, won't hesitate to hand out sensitive information about their customers to the entertainment industry:

Hej och tack för ditt e-postmeddelande!
Vi på Com Hem följer lagen och lagrar information för IP-adresser enligt IPREDs intentioner.

Med vänlig hälsning
Com Hem AB

Shame on you, ComHem.

*Updated this post 2009-04-27, adding Tele2 to the list of trustworthy ISP's.*

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