Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More surveillance coming your way

The Swedish road administration, Vägverket, are getting ready to deploy no less than 100 more speed cameras on Swedish roads during the second half of 2009. This will give us a total of 1077 cameras covering 2880 km of road, or one speed camera per 2,6 kilometers!!! And, surprise surprise even more cameras are planned for 2010. God knows where they'll find room for them...

The annoyance of driving between these speed cameras with my gps beeping all the time and my right foot working overtime adjusting the speed, is unfortunately just peanuts compared how this grim network of surveillance cameras is bound to be misused in the not so distant future. Look to Norway, and brace yourself. Being a motorist will soon become a high risk sport for the few and wealthy, even in Sweden.

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