Thursday, April 9, 2009


Barack Obama is probably the most hyped president in modern American history, proclaimed a genius and a savior before even taking the oath of office. Unfortunately he seems to be little more than a lap dog for the mafia entertainment industry, from where he's already recruited several "hot shot" lawyers who have now taken over the Department of Justice. He's also managed to side with the recording industry in an ongoing lawsuit, using much the same rhetoric as the former president, George W. Bush.

There goes the possibility of revised, modernized copyright laws, consumer friendly business models, a positive view of the future of the Internet, and not to mention the rule of law out the window. But, of course, why would he change a winning recipe? Lawsuits, draconian copyright laws, dying business models, censorship and invasion of privacy are proving to be a huge success.

Ironically, Obama's propaganda machinery managed to fool even The Pirate Party who were unfortunate enough to endorse him in the election. Ouch. Well, I guess you live and learn, and the lesson here is to never trust a politician - even if he can blog and twitter and is on Facebook.

Personally I find the recent iPod story a bit amusing among all this grief. Wouldn't it be a perfect case of poetic justice if Obama was fined 6 million dollars (150.000 dollars per "violation") for illegally copying these 40 songs onto an iPod that he later gave away to the queen of England?

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