Monday, April 27, 2009

Another ISP joins the list

Swedish telecom company Tele2 announced today that they will follow the example of other, smaller ISP's, and destroy all ip logs and other sensitive information about their customers that could be misused by the entertainment industry following the introduction of the Ipred law. Another fine example of a company that puts its customers' integrity above the greed "financial interests" of the entertainment industry. It's a pure pleasure to add Tele2 to my list of trustworthy internet providers.

*Update: Oh dear, didn't take many minutes for the trolls to creep up from wherever they dwell... Lawyer "Don" Peter Danowsky, representing the mafia entertainment industry, is already threatening Tele2, claiming they're breaking the law by protecting the privacy of their customers. Well, if upholding basic human rights is a crime, then by all means.

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