Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The insanity of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

A college student in the US has been arrested and charged with violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a legal abomination passed by former president Bill Clinton (if anything that act of criminal ignorance should have gotten the bastard impeached!). The 27-year old man is facing up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.

What has this college student done to deserve this, you might ask. Murder? Armed robbery? No no, far worse... He has modified his Xbox or Playstation or whatever, making it possible to play - oh the horror - games that are copies of original DVD disc! In other words, this man has made it possible to play backup DVD's of his games, and probably unlocked a number of other handy features (copying games onto the hard drive to avoid the hassle of changing DVD's all the time, adding useful applications, you name it) that his console was not originally shipped with.

The very idea that this should be a criminal offence is so offensive that I literally lack the words to describe it.

If anything the evil masterminds behind the pure insanity of the DMCA should be the ones going to jail for 10 years, getting their teeth punched out and become the bitches of a huge, tattooed guy called Papa Bear.

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