Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More ugly mugs

Yes, I am a union member. God knows why, so far it has only involved a monthly expense, the frustration of seeing my money being used in election campaigns for the Socialist Democratic party, and a poor excuse of a magazine called "Kollega", usually full of frustrated socialists crying out for higher salary, more vacation, shorter workdays and so on.

And speaking of "Kollega", I just got the latest edition in my mail today, and imagine my surprise when I saw the ugly mug of ultra-corporatist, Henrik "I sold my soul to the Devil" Pontén, with the heading "A hated man". Great, I though. Perhaps "Kollega" will finally include a piece of critical journalism, nailing this unethical, human piece of garbage to the wall and demanding a few answers. In short, give the average reader the answer to why he's such a hated man. But no, not one single critical question.

What a complete waste of perfectly good forest.

While at the subject, have a look at Mr. Pontén playing cop - which is of course completly illegal, as is most of Antipiratbyråns "work" (I sincerely hope this is a fabricated clip, but something tells me it isn't...this guy actually believes he's a cop):

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