Monday, June 15, 2009

The fine art of prioritizing and, and all report that the Swedish police will hire 15 policemen who will work exclusively on trying to track down those illegal and dangerous...wait for it...copyright infringers. Those vicious, lethal bastards who threaten to tear apart our society by performing acts of, yes you got it, copyright infringement...

Upon reading the articles it becomes clear that these 15 policemen will not be new hires, but will instead be transferred from other police departments where they have hopefully been busy doing important work up until now. Well, not anymore, they won't! Instead they'll be busy upholding laws created by the entertainment industry to protect their obsolete business models instead of developing like the rest of the world, and to help them maximize their profit. What a brilliant way to spend my tax money. I mean, who really cares about rapes, murders, kidnappings, arson, robberies and random acts of violence when you've got the massive threat of kids (and grownups for that matter) who simply enjoy sharing art, entertainment and information with each other?

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