Saturday, June 6, 2009


I'm sick and tired of various political parties polluting my community with posters showing the ugly mugs of their candidates to the EU parliament, surprisingly enough posing with other party members who are not at all running for the EU parliament, as the example picture of two Socialist Democrats show (Mona Sahlin, for instance, is not a candidate to the EU parliament, and God only knows what she's doing in the picture).

Their ugly mugs are accompanied by stupid slogans that mean absolutely nothing: "Injustice is not the way" (obviously not, but I don't see your party trying to do anything about that), "We prioritize work" (well, yeah, there are very few political parties out there who prioritize unemployment benefits...) and so on. They obviously think the voters are complete morons.

I've got the following question: Why do the political parties feel the need to invade our community with garbage like this? Will they come and remove this garbage after the election? And doesn't Mona Sahlin look remarkably like Beavis?

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