Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lawsuits as a business model

Folkpartiet politician Madeleine Sjöstedt has a letter in today's DN where she asks if the new business model of the entertainment industry is lawsuits.

Could it be that politicians who have previously been so completely ignorant to this, the very same people political parties that have provided this industry with the tools needed to sue each and everyone, have finally started opening their eyes and see what every sane person has been saying for quite a while now?

This industry needs to be stopped, and the best thing you could do is not contributing to their revenue stream. Simply put, don't buy that new Mariah Carey CD. Or any other CD released on a major label.


  1. What do you meen by "very same people"? Madeleine has not been part of any of the decisions you refer to. And she has not been ignorant to the issues before. Check out these article before you make sure.


    Erik Jennische
    Political Advisor of Madeleine Sjöstedt.
    City of

  2. I'm terribly sorry, I guess "the very same political parties" is more accurate, although the point is most valid: All of the major political parties have voted for a despicable law that has enabled the entertainment industry to act as police at the sacrifice of ordinary people.