Thursday, September 17, 2009

Housewife without a cause

Did any of you catch the new show "Svenska Hollywoodfruar" on TV3 the other day? I have to admit I didn't, but I've read a few reviews here and there, and I guess if you look at the show as some sort of bizarre, ironic reality-sitcom about Swedish gold-diggers gone mad, and you've got absolutely nothing else to do, it might work.

Anyway, I noticed one of these housewives, Kalle Anna Anka, actually wrote an article on Newsmill trying to justify her not so flattering appearance on the show, and stating that she wants to be a role model for women in Sweden (good luck with that, Anka!). I didn't read all of it, as frankly it bored me to death, but this particular part was brilliant:

Hur som helst, jag och min man skrattar hela vägen till banken. För självklart förhandlade jag till mig ett bra arvode för att ställa upp i "Lyxfruar". Inte för att jag är girig, för det är jag inte, utan för att min tid är dyrbar. Återkommer till det lite längre fram i texten.

I scrolled around a bit trying to find the part where she elaborates further on this, but failed. As far as I can see there's absolutely nothing valuable with Mrs. Anka's time. According to her very own article it's basically spent getting a massage or a pedicure, insulting gardeners, pleasing her 30 years older husband (come on, is she really only 38 years old???) sexually, and traveling around with him as his appendage. The kids are taken care of by a maid, and so is the house. In fact, I can't see her having any purpose in life, other than the sexual pleasing part, so why is she under the impression that her time so precious?

I don't know, all I know is that my time is precious and I've spent way too much time already pondering on what's going on in the plastic fantastic mind of Mrs. Anka.

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