Thursday, September 24, 2009

A double set of morals is twice as good as one!

Or so artist Lily Allen seems to believe. She's stirred up quite a commotion lately positioning herself as a firm believer in draconian, revolting laws enabling the music industry to cut the Internet access for people suspected of piracy without any form of trial or hearing, let alone a sentence.

Her attempt to brainwash the public on her anti-piracy blog "It's not alright" (which she has now deleted), backfired badly. Not only did she have to take a lot of verbal abuse from alienated fans, it was also discovered that Mrs. Allen herself has been quite the busy little pirate, creating mixtapes of copyrighted material and distributing it to the whole wide world through her website,

So, if anything the RIAA should come knocking down your door, Allen, and slap you in the face with a 50 million dollar lawsuit, before they cut off your Internet connection. See how you'd like the record mafia treatment, you ignorant bitch.

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