Thursday, March 12, 2009


A little known fact is that despite the mind-boggling evolution mankind has gone through in the last hundreds of years, neanderthals still walk amongst us. It's true!

One perfect example of this are the people who are physically unable to properly take advantage of the tiny stick (also known as a "turn signal lever") located to the left of the steering wheel, that activates the turn signal, as an indication to other motorists. Obviously the challenge of holding the steering wheel and at the same time use the right foot to properly accellerate, decellerate, or simply keep a steady speed, is more than enough for these people, who have sadly been outpaced by modern technology.

This, of course, represents an annoyance for the rest of us, who have a certain simultanious capacity, and often find ourselves waiting in vain for a motorist to pass us before we can enter the roundabout (as we all know, we have to yield to traffic already inside the roundabout), while in fact this neanderthal motorist has every intention of exiting the roundabout before he passes us.

Now, just in case you're not a neanderthal with no simultaneous capacity, but simply a horrible driver without a clue, please try the easy and interactive introduction to the phenomenon of roundabouts below, and stop annoying your fellow motorists. Thank you very much.

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