Friday, March 13, 2009

Piracy is what...?

Does this scenario sound familiar to you:
- You go and buy a new DVD
- You put it in your DVD-player, go get some popcorn, a beer or whatever snacks you're into, and press play on the remote control.
- After several annoying commercials (mind you, this is a movie you've actually paid money to buy, yet still the entertainment industry is bold enough to put commercials on it - all to make a few extra bucks!) you're force-fed (the next chapter and fast forward functions are temporarily disabled) the ridiculous, boring and completly untrue "Piracy is stealing" ad.

First of all, I expect commercials on TV, but on a DVD that I've actually paid for? No thanks!

Second, piracy is not stealing. Claiming that a copyright infringement is the same as a theft is as ridiculous as claiming that running a red light is the same as murder. They are two completly separate crimes, and can not be compared in any way. So please, stop this ridiculous propaganda.

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