Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goddamn delivery dates!!!

As I'm in desperate need of a new phone I just placed an order for an HTC Desire. As usual I consulted the price comparison website http://www.prisjakt.nu/ before deciding where to buy, and it all looked good. Several well-known shops had it in store, and I chose PC City.

Nothing on PC City's website led me to believe anything else than the phone being in stock, so I clicked "Köp" and went ahead.

The order confirmation shows up in my e-mail, and...what the hell... "Expected date in stock 2010-04-26" - in almost a week??? Well why the hell didn't you say so before I ordered the phone? Why wasn't your stupid website updated with the words "temporarily out of stock"? And why didn't http://www.prisjakt.nu/ show a red symbol next to your listing of the phone?

Gaaaah...this annoys me way beyond what words can express. If there's anything I hate it's waiting.

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