Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Swedish police embarrassments

Two morons who also happen to be police officers (yes, the standard of these guys seems to be declining by the day, what are the requirements to become one of these trained monkeys anyway?) bully and threaten a defenseless civilian taking a photo of them.

The victim publishes the photo and the story of the abuse on his blog.

These two apes, Martin Bergström and Carl Larsson, then have the nerve to press charges against him.

- Man får fotografera, men det finns gränser för hur man fotograferar och vad man använder bilderna till. Det kan bli brottsligt i slutändan, att det blir ett ofredande av det, säger BT Olsson.

I see, so documenting a case of police abuse of power is a crime, but actually performing the abuse of power is perfectly fine? I'm amazed. Living in Sweden for only 4 years has completely erased my confidence in the police. Seriously. I have yet to read anything positive about this pitiful bunch of rejects. Instead the newspapers are full of stories on abusive, arrogant, ignorant and just plain stupid policemen wasting their time and taxpayer's money doing one ridiculous thing after the other, all in a massive effort to lose the public's trust.

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