Friday, February 19, 2010

Go get some new clothes. And a life.

"Stockholm's finest", the two moronic police officers who abused Jesper Nilsson in the subway last week, have finally become properly identified - names and pictures. Good, now we know who to avoid. We also know that they're all too happy to blatantly lie in order to punish troublesome citizens. Unfortunately this time they were caught on tape, and their nonsense lies are easily revealed.

A quick google search also revealed that one of these police officers, Carl Larsson, was featured on Swedish television a little while back. While I have no reason to believe anything coming from his mouth at this point, I did find it funny that he's wearing the exact same clothes as he did when abusing Nilsson in the subway. Way to go getting into that hobo character, Larsson.

Get a life and a set of new clothes, please.

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