Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blizzard ripping off Starcraft 2-buyers?

The computer game Starcraft 2 was released today, and color me surprised when I noticed Blizzard is actually selling the downloadable version of the game for 59.99 Euros (mind you there are virtually no costs involved with this kind of distribution!) on their website, whereas you can get pick up the dvd's from any number of game stores considerably cheaper than that:

Play.com sells it for 48.00 Euros.
Amazon.com sells it for 59.99 Dollars, also around 48.00 Euros.
Most computer stores in Sweden sell it for around 42.00 Euros.

Please tell me that the 59.99 Euro pricetag for downloading this game from battle.net was a mistake that has been corrected by Blizzard now. If anything it should be a way below 40 Euros.

Photo: Screenshot from game.

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