Saturday, December 12, 2009

Damn choos!

My wife insisted to buy me a pair of Jimmy Choo by H&M shoes, and while I tried to resist I lost the fight and she ordered them on the Internet. So the first pair of shoes arrived a couple of days ago. The first impression was good, except the very notable smell of glue, they fitted nicely, but I soon noticed that the leather that was glued to the sole (I have to say I'm wondering how long these shoes are meant to last anyway if they're only glued to the sole...) was wrinkled at one point on one of the shoes. Back they went.

The next pair arrived today, they too reeked of glue, but imagine my surprise when I felt the leather and noticed several really rough patches, in addition to several visible wrinkles, like they had been worn for quite a few weeks (which they hadn't, they looked absolutely mint except for the irregularities in the skin). It basically looked like the skin from a very old, wrinkly cow with a rash. Not very nice, and obviously they're going back as well.

Now the question is how many times are we supposed to try before forgetting about it and finding some other shoes in some other store? How poor of a QA process does H&M really have, and how badly does this impact the Jimmy Choo brand? After this experience I'll always think of Jimmy Choo shoes as poor quality and overpriced. Unfair, perhaps, but this cooperation with H&M hasn't proven to be great PR for the Jimmy Choo brand.

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