Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sverigedemokraterna - next in line to denounce integrity

Apparently Sverigedemokraterna, a political party mainly known for their hostility towards immigration (and immigrants), have included the installation of 285 new surveillance cameras in the city of Örebro, at a cost of 20 million SEK, in their shadow budget.

Centerpartiet politician Rasmus Persson claims on his blog that Sverigedemokraterna want to shatter the integrity of ordinary people by doing this.

Well, yes, obviously, and they better get in line, because all political parties in Sweden are at this point involved in what can only be described as a grotesque race to dismantle ordinary citizen's civil rights and integrity in the most bizarre ways. A race in the complete opposite direction of the voters, moving back into the middle ages at warp speed.

So, welcome aboard Sverigedemokraterna! You'll fit in just fine with all the other integrity-hating political parties.

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